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Software for automated plan review

SMARTreview announces software to re-engineer the plan review process performed by municipalities and government agencies to determine compliance with building codes and regulations. Through an agreement with the International Code Council®, SMARTreview incorporates provisions of the I-Codes® into our automated plan review software. Use of the software

SMARTreview Fire Safety Mobile App is available now for Apple iPhone® phones and Apple iPad® tablets. Based upon occupancy group, construction type, sprinkler provisions, and frontage increases, the app calculates building size and fire safety provisions. Use keyword "SMARTreview" from iTunes® App Store to purchase.

SMARTreview Fire Safety Desktop is available now as a standalone application on computers running the Windows® 7.0 operating system.

SMARTreview APR provides automated plan review for building code provisions within popular Building Information Modeling (BIM) software. The APR addin to Autodesk Revit® software will be released commercially in the fourth quarter of 2013.

SMARTreview 3DC makes use of the power of BIM and 3D visualization to explain the building codes. 3DC is a unique training program that uses interactive visualizations of buildings to prepare a young professional for licensing, or brush up the knowledge and comprehension of the seasoned practitioner.

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